02/22/2013 09:49 EST | Updated 04/24/2013 05:12 EDT

Etro offers a winter wardrobe of powerful clothes and colorful kaleidoscope patterns

MILAN - The Etro collection for next winter was short and to the point.

Walking through a kaleidoscope of Etro patterns projected on a screen, the models marched down the runway in structured outfits, underlining the power silhouette that is becoming the No. 1 trend of the current Milan Fashion Week.

Friday's show, part of the womenswear preview showings for the fall-winter 2013-2014, featured coats and jackets with marked shoulders, slim skirts and belted waistlines, all signs of an aggressive urban mood. Creative designer Veronica Etro jazzed up the usually gentle Etro patterns with metallic touches. Many of the outfits also featured prominent zippers.

The kaleidoscope idea, at times turning digital with computerized versions of church domes, stained glass windows, frescoes and tapestries, became next winter's pattern motifs. The colour palette ranges from coral to amethyst to blues and greens, to silver and gold all on a stark black background. Burnt orange, the favourite shade of the season also plays heavily in the collection.

The preferred Etro footwear is ankle-strapped with a determined metallic heel.