02/22/2013 03:00 EST | Updated 04/24/2013 05:12 EDT

Former RCMP translator to be sentenced for sharing secret information

Angelo Cecere, a former civilian Italian translator for the RCMP, has been found not guilty of attempting to obstruct justice.

Cecere worked for the RCMP in Westmount for 26 years.

He was arrested in July 2007 following an RCMP investigation that uncovered sensitive documents in Cecere's home along with recordings from investigations dating back to 1993.

Cecere was accused of leaking information to members of organized crime.

He had already pleaded guilty to breach of trust and disclosing private information to members of organized crime last year.

Those charges involved sensitive documents Cecere removed from his office at RCMP headquarters and took home.

But on Friday, Quebec Court judge Gilles Cadieux ruled Cecere was not guilty of handing over information to Nicolo Di Marco, a man allegedly tied to the Montreal Mafia.

Cecere faces a maximum sentence of five years for breach of trust and two years for leaking sensitive information.

The judge will hand down Cecere's sentence on March 6.