02/25/2013 05:34 EST | Updated 02/24/2014 09:59 EST

Drunk Man Bites Langley RCMP Officers

An out-of-control man who refused help from his friends and eventually bit two B.C. RCMP officers is facing charges.

Police were called to Jimmy Liks Bar early Saturday morning for a "visibly intoxicated" man who was causing problems at the door, said RCMP in a news release on Monday. The officers were then called away when it looked like a fight was going to break out nearby.

Friends offered to help the 23-year-old man but he ran away and fell face first into the pavement, said police. He then got up and ran again, removing his shirt as he dashed towards the Langley Bypass.

Police eventually found him lying on the floor at a McDonalds restaurant. Friends tried to help him once more but he refused their help. The Langley man began to yell as the officers told him he was under arrest.

One officer was bitten on his ankle and another on his hand as they tried to drag the man into a police cruiser, said RCMP.

"One of the two officers required medical treatment for the bite to his hand and will recover, however the psychological trauma attached to being bitten by a human may have long lasting effects," RCMP Insp. Stephen Drolet said in the news release.

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