02/27/2013 01:46 EST | Updated 02/27/2013 06:52 EST

Best Restaurants In Vancouver: Chinese Restaurant Awards Critics' Choice Winners 2013 (PHOTOS)


It took a year, but seven local judges have named 20 of Metro Vancouver's best Chinese dishes.

The fifth annual Chinese Restaurant Awards crowned 17 restaurants with its "Critics' Choice" honour for top signatures dishes during a ceremony at River Rock Casino on Tuesday.

Dishes were marked for choice ingredients, technique, creativity and passion.

Kirin Restaurant was the star of the afternoon, taking home three wins for their deep fried boneless chicken with minced prawn, two preparations of geoduck and a smoked live lobster with mushrooms dish.

The annual awards have picked up popularity in the past five years. They’ve even hopped across the country to sample Toronto’s sprawling Chinese restaurant scenes.

“To further raise the public’s awareness of the fine Chinese cuisine existing in Canada, we must expand beyond the borders of Vancouver,” said Craig Stowe, founding director of Chinese Restaurant Awards.

What a delicious, most honourable mission.

This year’s judges included:

  • Stephen Wong, founding chair of the Chinese Restaurant Awards
  • Condrea Fung, co-host on Fairchild radio’s “Leisure Hour”
  • Joie Alvaro Kent, contributor to Vancouver Magazine and Montecristo
  • Lee Man, food writer, contributor to and Vancouver Magazine
  • Brendon Mathews, contributor to and Vancouver Magazine Restaurants Awards judge
  • Fernando Medrano, food writer

Chinese Restaurant Awards critics' choice winners of 2013 are:

Vancouver Chinese Restaurant Awards 2013 - Critics' Choice

1. Baked Lemon BBQ Pork Pie

Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

#108-777 West Broadway, Vancouver

2. Beef Sirloin with Noodle

Pearl House Restaurant

7152 Sperling Ave., Burnaby

#170-4611 No.6 Road, Richmond

3. Deep Fried Boneless Chicken with Minced Prawn, Glutinous Rice and Chestnut Paste

Kirin Restaurant (Cambie & W. 12th Ave.)

2/F, 555 W. 12th Ave., Vancouver

4. Deep Fried Pumpkin Sticks with Egg Yolk Sauce

Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant

8888 River Rd., Richmond

5. Double-boiled Almond Chicken & Pear Soup

Bamboo Grove

6920 No.3 Road, Richmond

6. Double-Boiled Duck & Lemon Soup

JC Kitchen

#103-11782 Hammersmith Way, Richmond

7. Geoduck 2 Ways – Pan Fried Geoduck Slices, and Deep Fried Geoduck Head in Spicy Peppery Salt

Kirin Restaurant

2/F, 555 W. 12th Ave., Vancouver

8. Oven Roasted Oysters with Port Wine

Big Chef Restaurant

#1060-8580 Alexandra Rd., Richmond

8. Pan-fried Shanghainese Buns

Top Shanghai Cuisine Restaurant

120-8100 Ackroyd Rd., Richmond

9. Pork Hock with Sour Plums

Hoi Tong Chinese Seafood Restaurant

#160-8191 Westminister Highway, Richmond

11. Sliced Beef and Beef Tripe in Special Spicy Sauce

New Spicy Chili Restaurant

#160-4200 No.3 Road

12. Si Chuan Sausage

Nine Dishes

960 Kingsway, Vancouver

13. Steamed Brown Sugar Rice Cake

The Jade Seafood Restaurant

8511 Alexandra Rd., Richmond

14. Steamed Dumplings with Crab Meat and Pork Meat

Golden Paramount Seafood Restaurant

8071 Park Rd., Richmond

15. Steamed Eggs with B.C. Dungeness Crab and Green Onions

The Jade Seafood Restaurant

8511 Alexandra Rd., Richmond

16. Smoked Live Lobster with Assorted Mushroom

Kirin Restaurant (Cambie & W. 12th Ave.)

2/F, 555 W. 12th Ave., Vancouver

17. Steamed Rice Roll with Crispy Pork Roll

Empire Seafood Restaurant

#200-5951 No.3 Road, Richmond

18. Stir Fried Sliced Pork with White Chili

Lucky Noodle Chinese Restaurant

#3-3377 Kingsway, Vancouver

19. Sweet and Sour Rock Cod

NingTu Restaurant

2130 Kingsway, Vancouver

20. Taro Root Duck

Hoi Tong Chinese Seafood Restaurant

#160-8191 Westminister Highway, Richmond