02/27/2013 02:27 EST

Kathleen Edwards Gets Stabbed, Hacked, Shot By Arrow In Bloody New Video 'Chameleon/Comedian'

Canadian singer-songwriter Kathleen Edwards released a bloody, violent video for her song "Chameleon/Comedian" yesterday, a song found on her latest album "Voyageur." And if gore or inadvertent body piercings from saw blades and axes isn't your thing, be forewarned.

The nearly five-minute video opens with a series of shots of household items, some with post-it notes with a "K" on each note to show possession, obviously signifying some sort of break-up. "K-The rest is yours. Take care of yourself. - n" a letter reads which she picks up as she walks through the house and into the kitchen (with Edwards getting dibs on the toaster over).

However, things take a dark turn when a large knife levitates before stabbing Edwards in the right side of her lower back. Ouch. Edwards gives a quick grin though, so she's okay so far.

From there, Edwards leaves the house for a walk, but after getting to the sidewalk a large axe ends up levitating before landing right between her shoulder blades. From there a young girl trying her hand at archery pierces her left shoulder with an arrow.

After running down a hill, which causes some metal utensils to pierce more of her flesh, Edwards is shown walking down a back alley. A garbage can begins flying around before a wine bottle takes aim for Edwards' head, embedding glass in her skull. But the singer again looks into the camera and smiles, seconds later having a saw blade fly into her back and partially comes out her stomach. Even diners at a cafe aren't safe as the storefront window shatters as Edwards saunters by, with more glass exploding and some getting into her face. By then Edwards puts her hand to her head and removes all the blood, gore and damage before another grin at the camera.

As previously reported Edwards shot the video last October in Toronto's Kensington Market.

Last week, Edwards had a different sort of mess to clean up when her website was hacked into with video footage of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk shown, the man credited with being the founder of the Republic of Turkey. The site was corrected shortly thereafter. Elsewhere, Edwards also released a new single yesterday, a haunting cover of Roxette's "It Must Have Been Love."