03/02/2013 01:26 EST

Avalanche Dog Cazz Rides Chairlifts, Tackles Out-Of-Bounds Skiers (VIDEO)

He rides the chairlift, tackles out-of-bounds skiers, he's a sort of poster child for the mountain parks and.. he's a dog.

Cazz is a trained police dog who spends his winters "riding lifts and skiing and digging people out of the snow," says his handler Parks Canada Warden Mike Henderson on a YouTube video posted by the agency.

The video shows the dynamic winter duo riding a quad chair at Lake Louise before working on "some new avalanche awareness and deterrent techniques."

It's in the deterrence phase of the video where Cazz's other training comes into play.

The video pans to show a skier willingly go out of bounds, as Henderson speaks avalanche safety into the camera. Henderson tells him to stop, only to hear back in a heavy Aussie accent, "whatever guys. Take your poodle for a walk.. I'm skiing."

The unsuspecting skier's chased down and taken down by Cazz, before being jumped on by Henderson.

"So that's the avalanche deterrent system that we've been working on and we use it in really, really, really rare occasions.. when you call my dog a poodle," says Henderson.

The whole thing is a set up but as a comment by YouTube user Spiritdancedogs points out, the video, "is fantastic. Great humour but important, serious message."

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"Last year we ended up responding to numerous avalanche involvements and skier accidentals just outside the ski area boundaries," says Henderson.

"So when you go out to these areas we really like to see you guys a little more prepared.. having the gear to go out there. By gear we mean having a transceiver, a probe and a shovel, and not just a GoPro cam and your iPhone."

Although the tackled skier shows some serious bruising after the demo, the video ends with the disclaimer, "no Aussies have been hurt in the making of this film."

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