03/01/2013 06:50 EST | Updated 05/01/2013 05:12 EDT

Eight horse stampede after leaving Milton, Ont., farm; two killed

MILTON, Ont. - Two horses are dead and a third may have to be put down following a wild stampede late Thursday in Milton, Ont.

Police say eight horses escaped from their enclosure at a farm just before midnight and began running along a road west of the community (Tremaine Rd).

An approaching motorist pulled off to the side as the stampede neared, but two horses died when they crashed into the woman’s vehicle.

Police arrived and blocked the road to prevent more collisions, but the horses continued to run around frightened due to nearby train noise and vehicle lights.

Halton Region police say two horses jumped over police cruisers, with one of the animals crashing into the back window and trunk area. No people were injured.

Police say the five remaining horses were rounded up after a ”considerable effort” and taken back to their farm by their owners.