03/01/2013 09:44 EST | Updated 04/01/2013 12:13 EDT

Where To Go In March: SXSW And St. Patrick's Day Make For March Travel Madness


So much to do, so many places to see, but so little time to do it all. That's where Destination Unknown comes into play. At the beginning of each month, HuffPost Canada Travel will be putting together a list that offers something for everyone — those on a budget, those looking for something unique or those simply looking to get away. Curious? Good. A sense of wanderlust is always healthy. So, without further ado, here's March's Destination Unknown round-up.

March typically belongs to basketball fans and kids, but it's also a month to get excited about travel. With the snowy days of February a thing of the past, travellers can look forward to fewer flight delays and warmer, albeit wetter, weather in the coming days. But rather than pack an umbrella, why not pack your bags and head to somewhere dry, like Belize or Barbados?

Travellers looking for something more than sun and sand will also be happy to know that despite February's massive number of holidays, March is no slouch in the department either. There's the heavy hitters like St. Paddy's Day and Holi, which draw throngs of people and good cheer to countries like Ireland and India. On the flip side, there's also a number of smaller festivals that give travellers a once-in-a-year opportunity to witness the phenomenal sounds of Austin, Texas and beautiful sights of Yoshino. Japan. Intrigued? Then check out the slideshow below for more March travel madness.

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Austin, Texas

Had enough of the winter's cold? Head down south and trade in the snow for the sights and sounds of South by Southwest (SXSW). What started as a tech festival has now evolved into a congregation of music lovers, movies buffs and interactive art. This year's festival will take place from March 8 and run till March 17th. Interactive sessions run from March 8 to the 12, while the film and music go a bit longer, ending on March 16 and March 17 respectively. And of course, when it comes to Southern hospitality and good food, Texas doesn't disappoint.

Dublin, Ireland

What's March without a little luck of the Irish to brighten your month? Yes, the Emerald Isle often becomes a hotspot for tourists looking to wet their whistle and for good reason: the parties are wild, and while they may start off inside restaurants, don't be surprised if you find yourself celebrating on the street with a crowd of friendly strangers. For those looking for a St. Paddy's experience closer to home, the Daily Telegraph recommends a trip to New York, where the great Fifth Avenue parade draws in roughly 200,000 participants — shamrocks and all.

Caye Caulker, Belize

Europe in March can be a dicey situation, as most of the continent is in its rainy season. So for travellers looking for a country with European flair but the forecast of a destination similar to that of the Caribbean, Belize won't disappoint. Temperatures only dip as low as 23°C and go as high as 27°C. Frugal travellers will want to stay in the town of Caye Caulker, which offers a similar vibe and atmosphere to the more expensive San Pedro on Ambergris Caye, but at a fraction of the price, notes

Barsana, India

For the traveller looking to inject colour in their life, there's no better time to visit India than late March. The month marks the celebration of Holi, a time where Indians in the country's northern regions celebrate the arrival of spring by tossing coloured dust at each other. Travellers can also expect to get a little wet as children and adults alike will be squirting coloured dye from water guns, pouring it from buckets and even tossing the odd water balloon or two. It's a fun and colourful affair, but be sure to bring a change of clothes — unless you want to look like a piece of walking art for the rest of your trip.

Yoshino, Japan

For a more serene travel experience, head to the city of Yoshino in Japan and take in the beauty of the country's Hanami cherry blossom festival. While the festival starts as early as January, the bulk of the best blossoms happen in March. There's plenty of regions to soak in the pink clouds of flowers overtaking the blue sky, but Lonely Planet recommends the city of Yoshino as the best. Those willing to stick around can also take part in events like cherry blossom picnics and evening soirees.

Accra Beach, Barbados

A good beach can be hard to find during the month of March, thanks to throngs of young adults partying it up during Spring Break. So rather than take your chances in cities like Fort Lauderdale or Cancun, Expedia U.K. recommends Accra Beach in Barbados thanks to its no-water-sports code. Rainfall is also at its lowest during the year, meaning that travellers can expect plenty of rest and relaxation or an opportunity to work on a tan.

Breckenridge, Colorado

Families looking to squeeze in one last ski trip before hanging up the poles for the year can head to the city of Breckenridge in the U.S. It's a town known mostly for its ski hills but also features trendy shops and boutiques and spas for some variety. March marks a good time for a visit, as there are discounts on resorts and reports that snowfall is at its heaviest during the month, notes USA Today.