03/04/2013 11:19 EST

Canadian Penny: Last Roll Auctioned For $6,600 On eBay


If you thought a roll of Canadian pennies is worth 50 cents, think again.

A Toronto man who bought a ‘special wrap roll’ of the discontinued coins for a mere $10 discovered it was the last roll distributed by the Royal Canadian Mint and put it up for auction on eBay, according to CTV. The bidding closed Sunday and the man, identified only as Jack, walked away with US$6,600.

The Mint reserved the last million pennies and packaged them in 50-coin commemorative rolls with special illustrated paper. Jack's roll was labelled number 20,000, the last one.

More commemorative rolls are currently for sale on eBay, with bids ranging from around $30 to $60.

Athough the penny is now going extinct, not all are valuable. The most sought-after are from the 1850s, according to CBC. The final penny produced was minted during a ceremony last May and can be found at Canada's Currency Museum in Ottawa.

The Mint wound up distribution of the coin on Feb. 4. Businesses are now encouraged to round prices when customers pay with cash.

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