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Amazing Race Canada Contenders Tyson Leavitt, Tyler Francis Are At Best, Half Of A Great Team (VIDEO)

It's a tale about two Mormon brothers-in-law who have too much on their plates, who are a team doomed for disaster but who hope their ability to laugh at themselves and their propensity to have fun will secure them a spot in the Amazing Race Canada.

In a hilarious YouTube video, Tyson Leavitt and Tyler Francis, who call themselves 'Half of a really great team,' try to convince producers of just how good they would be for the show, because of how badly matched they are with one another.

The video explains how Tyler is motivated and Tyson is not.. how Tyler is ripped and muscular and Tyson is not.. how Tyler has precision and coordination, and how Tyson trips, blunders and can't use a pool cue.

The two may seem like polar opposites but are also close friends and that is where they find their strengths, Leavitt tells The Huffington Post.

"We're Mormon so we have a huge family, I mean huge," said Leavitt.

"And cousins and nieces and friends all wanted to do the race but Tyler and I, we've been watching it for a long time and we've always wanted to run it together."

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The video may be caricature of the two Lethbridge-area residents but Leavitt explains that what they wanted to show was that they're not celebrities or super-human contenders, but two average guys who can laugh and have a good time.

But the two take average to un-average heights. Leavitt is a busy dad, who owns several landscaping business and has three kids under four, while Tyler is a full time middle school teacher, full time university student and has four children under four.

"Our biggest goal at this point is to jut get on the race. Winning, that's just a completely different story at this point," he said.

The Amazing Race Canada will air on CTV this summer.

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