Tim Hortons Cup Song: Canadian Family Sing Tribute To Favourite Canadian Coffee Cup

When you love something this much, it only makes sense to write a three-minute song about it.

With a Tim Hortons cup in hand, a bright red Roll Up The Rim T-shirt and the help of his family, Gary Brucker from Kelowna B.C. dedicated a Sunday afternoon to a small project about his much-loved Timmys.

"My girls and I wrote the words in about 30 minutes last year and just sat on it. We wanted to do a video but did not know where and when," says Brucker, main vocalist and program director at the First Lutheran Church and School. "Our friends who owns two Tim Hortons stores encouraged us to put it together."

Not too sure how to record and put the video together, Gary's youngest daughter Claire started learning how to use her school's iPad, and volunteered to record the vocals and film and edit the song.

"We spent about an hour recording the song and then about 90 minutes of editing. The next day we uploaded it to YouTube," he tells The Huffington Post Canada.

What Gary and his family created was a music video with over 14,000 views so far, shot at the Sexsmith location in Kelowna B.C.

Walking around the restaurant, behind the counter and talking to customers, Gary (who buys food and drinks from Tim Hortons five days a week) sings about his love affair with Roll Up The Rim, different beverages and how easy it is to walk around holding a cup.

And this song is pretty easy to bob your head too — especially with cheesy lyrics and a fun little tune. But hey, if sing-a-longs aren't quite your thing, you can always get down with this Tim Hortons rap parody inspired by Drake or this 'Timmy's Anthem' sung in folk.

Gary says he was inspired by Toby Keith's 'Red Solo Cup,' but we say, find your own inspiration with what's on your plate. Who knows, we could just end up with creative anthems for maple syrup and poutine as well.

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