03/06/2013 04:19 EST | Updated 05/06/2013 05:12 EDT

Accreditation team to check up on concerns at Saskatchewan medical school

SASKATOON - The University of Saskatchewan's struggling College of Medicine is about to go under the microscope.

A team from the committee that accredits all North American medical schools will be at the university on March 12 and 13.

The team will hold closed-door meetings with officials, faculty and students to check up on the college's work on 10 standards that were cited in July 2011 as being weak or deficient.

The College of Medicine is fully accredited, but has been on warning of probation since July 2011.

School officials have said progress is being made, but the results might not be enough for accreditors.

Insufficient progress could mean a continuation of the warning of probation or probation.

Among the weaknesses were that faculty didn't provide timely feedback to the students, as well as instructors getting written standardized teaching and grading objectives was a problem. There was also concern around adequate student space for study, lounge and lockers at the Regina campus.

The university says the outcome of the visit and the effect on the college's current warning of probation status won't be known until summer 2013 at the earliest. It says those results will be made public.

It's not the first time the College of Medicine has been in trouble. It was placed under probation in 2002 and stayed that way until 2006.