03/06/2013 04:37 EST | Updated 03/06/2013 04:48 EST

Chris Hadfield On The Rick Mercer Report: Space Taxes? (VIDEO)

You have just under seven weeks to undertake the tedious task of filing your taxes for 2013. And even if you're lucky enough not to have a bill that's out of this world, your consultant could be.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield appeared on the Rick Mercer Report to promote "Space Taxes." Simply submit your tax information to the Canadian Space Agency, then sit back and wait for Hadfield to contact you from orbit.

Okay, so that won't actually happen, but we can dream. Space Taxes would have a distinct advantage over Earth-bound services: "Due to a flux in the space-time continuum, you may have your refund back before you even file your taxes," Hadfield jokes.

On Twitter, Hadfield also offered a glimpse into how one goes about filming a TV segment from 330 kilometres above the planet:

As you can see from the teleprompter, Mercer also poked fun at Hadfield's frequent habit of photographing his hometown of Sarnia, Ont. despite zooming over the most photogenic landscapes in the world almost 16 times per day. You can see some of Hadfield's photography in the gallery below.

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