03/06/2013 06:26 EST | Updated 05/06/2013 05:12 EDT

Christian crusader defies Supreme Court; hands out flyers on Regina campus

REGINA - A Saskatchewan man has handed out anti-abortion flyers on the University of Regina campus in defiance of a Supreme Court of Canada decision.

The high court ruled last week that William Whatcott violated the province's human rights rules when he distributed two pamphlets more than 10 years ago denouncing homosexuals.

Whatcott said after the ruling that he wouldn't stop distributing material expressing his religious views.

The flyers he gave out on campus carried an anti-abortion message.

He plans to visit several universities on the Prairies in the coming days.

Whatcott says the Supreme Court decision won't stop him from speaking out about what he believes.

"I ... put out about 250 flyers on campus and the surrounding neighbourhoods exposing the bogus Supreme Court decision silencing Christian speech on the issue of sexual morality," he said Wednesday. "And now I'm taking a public stand on the killing of unborn children."

The self-described crusader, who likened abortion to the Holocaust in his flyers, said he doesn't go away easily.

"I have been in jail for peacefully protesting abortion. I was there 20 times," he said.

"Nothing's changed, except the Supreme Court of Canada is the target of it."