03/06/2013 11:03 EST

Ezra Levant Does Harlem Shake (VIDEO, GIFS)

Ezra Levant’s got moves.

The host of Sun TV’s ‘The Source’, fed up with the “talentless, wiggly non-dance” passed off as the Harlem Shake in a host of viral videos, decided to show how the iconic dance is really done, with the help of some professional dancers. (Although Levant seemed to veer towards his own variation, with some "happy snaps" and a white man’s overbite.)

The Harlem Shake meme went viral in February when a group of Australian teens writhed to a song called ‘Harlem Shake’ from Baauer, a Brooklyn DJ. Ever since, the Internet has been inundated with imitations, featuring anyone from firefighters to Jimmy Fallon.

However, the backlash to the meme has been almost as strong; many deemed the videos an offensive appropriation of Harlem culture.

Do Levant’s moves measure up to the real deal? Check out his dance in the video above (and see the best moments in some rather unfortunate GIFs from Thealbatross.ca below).

ezra levant harlem shake

ezra levant harlem shake

ezra levant harlem shake

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