03/06/2013 05:18 EST | Updated 05/06/2013 05:12 EDT

Quebec Morgue Employee Fired After Report Of Inappropriote Photography

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two feet with a toe tag in a...
QUEBEC - Quebec's coroner's office has confirmed the firing of an employee in the wake of a news report that a morgue worker collected pictures of dead women and children.

The chief coroner said Wednesday the employee was dismissed last year, several months after officials received a tip from a colleague.

The firing occurred after an investigation.

Chief coroner Louise Nolet said none of the actions were related to child pornography and that an investigation has concluded no criminal acts were involved.

Nolet read a statement to the media and said her office has revised its protocols and tightened its screening process during hiring.

But she would not comment on, or confirm, a news report that the employee created a library of photos, gathered since 1995, and would sneak a peak at them when his colleagues left the room.

Quebec's TVA newtork said the employee worked at the Quebec City morgue.

Nolet did reveal, however, that the employee was suspended with pay once the allegation surfaced in October 2011.

She said he was barred from accessing his work site and office equipment. She said he was fired after an investigation confirmed he used IT equipment inappropriately.

He was let go in March 2012 and the material in question was destroyed.

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