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Sandy White Drops N-Word In London City Council Meeting


London City Concillor Sandy White used the N-word during a council meeting on Tuesday.

White had recently resigned from the Ontario city's Transit Commission over what she considered sexually suggestive bus ads involving musician Katy Perry and was under attack from fellow councillors, according to QMI. White argued that the ads were degrading to women.

"When someone on the commission said to me, 'Sandy, the children like it.' I went, 'I'm done.' That's enough. They like drugs, they like alcohol, they like a lot of things, and do we put that on the side of a bus? But if I would've used words like n*****? Oh, then it would have made sense,” she said. (You can hear the audio here).

White apologized for her remarks on Wednesday after widespread criticism from fellow politicians and on social media, CTV reported.

"I want to apologize to everyone I have offended, and all Londoners. I am sincerely sorry," White wrote in an email to the media. "I should not have said what I said under any circumstances and I especially want to apologize to my fellow council members and those who were in attendance at the Council Meeting. There is no justification or excuse for my behaviour."

White has vowed to repeat her apology on the steps of London's city hall on Thursday, according to the London Free Press. However, White also said that she has received many emails and calls in support of her stand against the Perry bus ads.

On Wednesday, White even seemed to provide the justification for her behaviour that she said did not exist. Speaking with AM-1290 host Steve Garrison, White said her black daughter had suggested she use the word for "shock value."

However, one councillor of African descent seemed to think the word was meant specifically for him.

Councillor Harold Usher told the Toronto Star that he had told White that people liked the advertisement.

"That put it in a specific context, that it was me that she wanted to shock," said Usher.

White maintains that the comment was not directed at Usher.

You can read some of the most popular tweets on White's outburst in the slideshow below.

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