03/08/2013 04:57 EST

When Is March Break 2013? Dates Kids Get A Break In Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec

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Schools out for a week, but when can kids (and some parents) expect March Break?

March Break, sometimes called Spring Break, usually falls during one week in the month of March or April, giving elementary and high school kids a week to relax, travel or, well, do nothing.

But depending on where you live, March Break doesn't always fall in the same week. Kids in Ontario get a break from March 11 to 15, while kids in Alberta start their holidays on March 25. And Quebec and New Brunswick started the earliest — they had their break during the week of March 4th.

Other provinces and territories run on their own schedules. Some may start the break on a Friday while others kick it off on Monday. In regions of the Northwest Territories, for example, March Break depends on the school you go to.

And with an extra five days to spend with your kids, we suggest staying in or doing something local. If you're still looking to travel, here's hoping you have some cash saved up. A new poll by CIBC suggests 12 per cent of Canadians plan a March break vacation, along with spending an average of $2,665 per trip.

When does March Break fall in your province or territory? Check out this slideshow with the most popular dates. Some schools may have different schedules altogether including extra days or early dismissals, so always check with your child's school before making any plans.

When Is March Break In Canada?