03/11/2013 03:53 EDT | Updated 03/12/2013 11:15 EDT

Blake Lively Takes A Boob Cue From Anne Hathaway At 'The Croods' Premiere (PHOTO)

Blake Lively seems to have taken a page from Anne Hathaway’s playbook when she hit 'The Croods’ premiere with Canadian husband Ryan Reynolds in New York on Sunday afternoon.

Her Marios Schwab mini dress had an odd-looking shiny section, the seams of which, um, came to a point in a peculiar place like a certain Oscars dress.

Lively’s outfit wasn’t the only misstep at the premiere; even starlet Emma Stone’s cocktail dress and T-shirt combo was a tad confusing to see on a red carpet. But the former ‘Gossip Girl’ actress certainly grabbed our attention -- and not for the right reasons.

Is this nipple-enhancing style here to stay? If so, we hope actresses like Lively don’t let it distract from their natural beauty.

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