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Reddit's Questions For Stephen Harper Cover Muzzling Scientists, Pot Legalization, Horse-Sized Duck

“If you could ask Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper one question that he had to answer truthfully, what would it be?”

That was the question Reddit user ropshubop asked Sunday, prompting a wave of comments (some thought-provoking, some silly) from fellow Redditors on the user-generated website.

Some submitted questions regarding the Harper government’s transparency, omnibus bills, and stance on marijuana. Others wanted to know who does his hair, and the if the infamous nude portrait of him was an accurate depiction.

In true Reddit fashion, many wondered if Harper would rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses (Or, in his case, a moose-sized goose or 100 goose-sized moose).

Unfortunately, Redditors might have to wait a while for Harper to chime in with any answers. He has yet to participate in an ‘Ask Me Anything’ on the site, although his social networking presence has recently improved. He recently tweeted photos showing Canadians what a day in his life looks like, and asked Twitter followers to submit questions for a chat with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield (some Tweeps reacted harshly to the project).

What question would you like Harper to answer? Submit your own in the comments section and check out some of Reddit’s questions below.

Reddit's Questions For Stephen Harper
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