What Is St. Patrick's Day?

On Sunday, March 17, Canadians can get a little Irish by attending a St. Patrick's Day parade, grabbing a beer or eating green-coloured foods.

Besides giving you an excuse to dress up and consume food colouring, St. Patrick's Day is the holiday that marks the death of Saint Patrick. The saint was known to bring Christianity to Ireland, and often St. Patrick's Day is celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland.

As previous reports suggests, little is known about Saint Patrick himself, but some sites mention most of his work can be seen in two publications, including an autobiography. Saint Patrick was born in Britain and had no interest in the religion as he was growing up, according to The National Geographic.

And what's up with all the clovers? The shamrock's connection to St. Paddy's comes from a popular myth that Saint Patrick used the three leaf clover of to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish.

These days, the holiday, celebrated by millions of people around the world, has become more cultural than religious.

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