03/12/2013 05:42 EDT | Updated 05/12/2013 05:12 EDT

Canada Revenue Agency seeks more than $5 million from Conrad Black

TORONTO - A battle is shaping up between Conrad Black and the Canada Revenue Agency, as the federal agency attempts to recover more than $5 million in taxes it says are outstanding from 2002.

According to documents filed in Federal Tax Court, the CRA is seeking $90,291 related to security at the former media baron's Toronto home, and another $1.37 million tied to the use of the jet owned by his former Hollinger International Inc.

Further outstanding tax claims are tied to a dispute over Black's residency status because he owned homes in both Canada and the United Kingdom.

The CRA is seeking $2.86 million for employment it said Black performed outside Canadian borders. The agency also wants $365,564 it claims Black recognized from the debts of Conrad Black Capital Corp.

A statement of facts filed with the court said that Black has already paid Canadian taxes on $808,226 of domestic work when he was not a resident of the country.

The CRA does not comment on tax cases due to confidentiality laws.

A hearing will be held in Toronto on May 15.

In a highly-publicized battle in 2001, Black renounced his Canadian citizenship so he could accept a peerage in the British House of Lords.

Black served 37 months of a 42-month sentence in a Florida prison and returned to Canada last year under a special temporary permit given that he is no longer a citizen. The permit will expire in May.