03/12/2013 02:17 EDT | Updated 03/12/2013 02:21 EDT

Wild Turkeys Harassing People In Ottawa Suburb

wild turkey mature bearded tom ...

If you're taking a walk in the suburbs of Ottawa you've got something feathery to worry about. It seems that the spring thaw has stirred something primal in the wild turkeys that live in the wooded areas around the Ottawa suburb of Barrhaven.

Local resident Amy Lennon, recorded a video of two wild turkeys fearlessly harassing her. The birds, apparently a few feet tall, can be seen approaching Lennon despite her yelling at the birds.

"Aggressive would be a good word," she told the Ottawa Sun. "Raptor-like," she added.

After a long, chilly winter, warmer weather means more food and mating season for the birds, Ministry of Natural Resources spokeswoman Jolanta Kowalski, told the Ottawa Citizen.

Local residents also told media that the birds have been feeding on garbage.

This isn't the first time the turkeys have been terrorizing Barrhaven residents. Last December, the birds bothered a number of seniors at a home in the area.

"I heard the noise, look around, and here they were right by my heels, with their wings spread apart and their mouths open, coming right after me," 79-year-old Lorenzo Andrews told the CBC in December.

The City of Ottawa and the Ministry Of Natural Resources won't remove the birds despite the fact that residents say the birds are a traffic hazard.