03/13/2013 04:56 EDT

Alberta Spring Weather Forecast 2013 Calls For Dry Conditions, Average Temperatures


If you're out west, prepare yourself for a bout of dry weather.

According to weather agency, Calgary and Edmonton are both in for a drier-than-usual spring -- bad news for farmers, gardeners and those with perpetually chapped lips.

Senior meteorologist Mike Pigott said the mountains will likely shield a storm track moving southwest to northeast that usually brings Calgary's spring showers.

We’ll miss out on a lot of storms,” he told the Calgary Herald.

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It has yet to be seen, however, if a deluge of melted snow pack will threaten southern Alberta this year. Almost yearly, towns across the lower portion of the province brace for possible flooding, the result of heavy spring rains and snow runoff.

Albertans, however, can keep their skis and poles handy as Accuweather predicts "good to excellent" ski conditions across Western Canada.

Both the Weather Network and Environment Canada forecast average temperatures for both Calgary and Edmonton -- but Accuweather warns against wishing for 2012 temperatures. Last year was the ninth warmest spring recorded in Alberta, but this year temperatures will remain much closer to seasonal.

Edmonton will experience daytime average highs of 2C in March, 11C in April and 18C in May, while Calgary can expect temperatures of 4C in March, 11C in April and 16C in May.