03/13/2013 11:34 EDT

How To Make Green Beer

You couldn't do justice to St. Patrick's Day without celebrating with a pitcher of green beer.

But before your favourite pub runs out of the foamy green specialty over the weekend, there's another (cheaper) way to make sure your cup stays green all night.

On this week's How To, we take a look at how to make your own green beer, with and without food colouring. According to HowCast, curacao liqueur makes an excellent replacement for food colouring, especially if you are worried about using any additives.

To start, make sure you use a light coloured beer — we suggest using a a pale lager such as Corona or an ale, rather than a red or brown toned beer.

As you see in the video above, there are some secrets to getting the perfect green hue, including when and how you pour your beer.

But are all these green foods and drinks safe? Yes, adding a bit of dye to your meal makes it more colourful, and some experts suggest for the most part, at least for adults, food colouring is pretty safe. They say the worst thing you could be dealing with is gastrointestinal discomfort.

But hey, if you're chugging a few mugs of the green stuff this weekend, you probably won't be worrying about all that food dye. Luckily for you, we also have you covered in the hangover department. Cheers!

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