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Banff Lynx Mom And Kitten Continue To Build Their Celebrity (PHOTOS,VIDEO)

A Banff lynx and her kitten drew the attention of guests and Parks Canada staff after the mother became fascinated with her own reflection in a window at a lodge near Lake Louise.

It's only the latest in several very public appearances the wild feline family has made this winter, providing visitors to the park with rare sighting opportunities and shutter bugs with some amazing photos and videos.

“Given their reclusive nature, we don't see them that often, so this winter has been pretty special,” said Parks Canada conservation specialist Alex Taylor.

"Though we can’t say for sure, we think they’ve been taking advantage of a rise in the local snowshoe hare population, which is their preferred food."

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Lynx Mom And Kitten In Banff

Taylor was alerted to the presence of the two cats by staff at Deer Lodge, who noticed the animals hanging around the building earlier this month.

Taylor arrived to find the mom preoccupied with her own image in one of the lodge's main floor windows, he said, adding the animal sat motionless staring at her reflection for almost 30 minutes.

Taylor was able to get some remarkable close ups of the female lynx and video of the normally reclusive animals, as they made their way through the deep snow near the lodge.

"I'm pretty sure we all had an incredible and rare viewing experience," said Taylor.

"It is possible the adult lynx saw, in her own reflection, another lynx that she thought may have presented some sort of a threat to her kitten and she wanted to keep an eye on it."

Parks Canada said the young cat eventually emerged from the side of the building, re-joined the bigger cat and they both disappeared into the forest.

The two lynx made headlines last month when they brought traffic along the TransCanada Highway to a near standstill, as they frolicked in the snow and eventually made their way through a wildlife fence and disappeared into the forest.

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