Doughnut Poutine? California's Psycho Donuts Pay Homage To Quebecois Dish

America, we salute you! We didn't think it would be possible to combine the salty, unctuousness of a good plate of poutine and the sugar rush excitement of a doughnut, but we were oh so wrong.

California's Psycho Donuts have somehow combined both of these things and created doughnut poutine. We'll let you digest that fact for a minute.

Their creation combines glazed doughnuts (they kinda look like fries!), salted caramel ("the gravy of the dessert world"), Bavarian creme (they kinda look like curds) and bacon bits (everything is better with bacon).

We are a bit annoyed that Canadians, a people known for consuming large quantities of doughnuts and inventing poutine, did not come up with this dish first, but we salute culinary talent wherever it may spring up.

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