03/14/2013 04:14 EDT | Updated 03/14/2013 07:11 EDT

Free Tax Software Canada: How To Netfile Your Taxes On The Cheap


We get it — filing your annual taxes to the Canadian government isn't very fun. Spending even more to have someone file them for you can be even less fun.

If you're looking to get your taxes filed on time without shelling out for professional help, there are plenty of free, easy-to-use websites and programs to get you there. Better yet, these programs are set up for you to file your returns online, so you can even skip the walk to the mailbox.

Nearly two-thirds of Canadians are now filing online, which the government is happy to encourage. This year, for the first time, you won't need a code to Netfile and first-time filers can also now use the online option.

Netfiling sends your tax information directly to the Canada Revenue Agency, which means it's easier to check for errors and there's no need for waste paper or to send receipts. And the best part: your return is filed faster, which means money in your pocket sooner if the government owes you.

Most Canadians are eligible to netfile, but you should read the CRA's restrictions to make sure you qualify.

For do-it-yourself types, there's a ton of at-home tax software options out there, including many with free options. If you're a full-time student or have low income, some companies that usually charge a fee will let you file for free. Other companies, like Simple Tax and GenuTax are completely free.

Filing your taxes on your own is ideal for people with uncomplicated returns who have the patience to hunt down every penny of savings. If that doesn't sound like you, going to a professional may be a better choice.

Free things often have a catch. In this case, some options are limited to certain provinces, ages and type of income. Find out which free software is best for you among the CRA-certified options in the slideshow below:

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