03/14/2013 14:17 EDT | Updated 05/14/2013 05:12 EDT

P.E.I. homes inundated by floods

Heavy rains over P.E.I. Wednesday led to flooding overnight in two central P.E.I. communities, with major damage to houses and vehicles.

Water began rushing over the Hunter River dam and bridge early this morning, and that water made its way down to Kelly Cole's home. She and her boyfriend woke up to almost two metres of water in the basement. They just bought the house on the river two days before, and everything was being stored in the basement.

The electricity had to be cut off, and there's traces of gas and oil leaking out behind the house from the basement. A solitary Christmas stocking floats along what is now a pond in the backyard.

The couple's insurance doesn't cover flood damage, so they don't know how they're going to replace all of their possessions or what will become of the house. They have made plans to live elsewhere for the time being.

Couple forced from home by storm water

A couple in Oyster Bed Bridge was forced from their home at about 3:30 a.m. when almost two metres of water gushed in.

The couple was living on the lower level of a house. They grabbed what they could and left.

All that's left in the home now is a red muddy sludge covering the floor, and everything else in the house. It's likely that nothing will be salvageable.

Once again, the owners' insurance does not cover flood damage. They are staying with family for now.

When the creek swelled up it also covered a nearby road with about a metre of water. A half dozen vehicles that were parked there are ruined,

One family member of the couple whose home was lost, who has lived up the road for 45 years, said she's never seen the creek flood this badly.

In both flooding cases, it looks like the culverts located next to the homes became blocked with debris, and caused a backup of water.