03/15/2013 01:48 EDT | Updated 05/15/2013 05:12 EDT

Alberta Budget 2013: Physician Fee Dispute Will Not Go To Arbitration

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CALGARY - Alberta Health Minister Fred Horne says he sees no point in sending the ongoing fee dispute with physicians to arbitration.

A facilitator working with both sides has suggested the two sides try to use arbitration to help reach an agreement.

Alberta Medical Association President Dr. Michael Guiffre (joo-free) says he is willing, and wrote to Horne to ask the government to take part.

Horne says he doesn't see what that would accomplish because the new budget makes it clear that there are no increases for public sector compensation this year.

Physicians are meeting in Calgary to discuss contract talks and how the provincial budget affects them.

Guiffre says without a pay hike physicians stand to lose more than 20 per cent of their take-home pay and benefits over the next five years. (CHQR)

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