03/15/2013 04:44 EDT | Updated 05/15/2013 05:12 EDT

Honduran authorities seek RCMP help in homicide case

The Honduran government is asking for help from the RCMP in solving a five-month-old homicide case involving a Canadian citizen.

Themy-Alexandre Vallée, 34, was shot outside a bar on the island of Roatan while on vacation in Honduras in October 2012.

His friends and family have been questioning why the suspect, whose identity is known to police, hasn’t been arrested.

Last week, the Department of Foreign Affairs sent the victim’s mother, Chantale Vallée, an email to let her know the Honduran police contacted the Canadian Embassy to request assistance from the RCMP in their investigation.

Two days after an exclusive CBC News interview with Vallée, the Department of Foreign Affairs also sent a diplomatic note to the Honduran government, stressing the importance of the investigation to Canada and urging authorities there to conduct the investigation swiftly and transparently.

“Of course I am happy something is moving. If I didn’t have help from the media, it wouldn’t move so fast,” Vallée told CBC News. “They should have done that right away and not wait so long.”

The Honduran government also sent a letter to Canadian Justice Minister Robert Nicholson to get more information about Themy-Alexandre Vallée and to acquire more details about his cellphone, which was stolen during the murder.

The man's mother said she also wrote to Prime Minster Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird urging them to keep up the pressure on the Honduran government to resolve the case.