03/15/2013 05:56 EDT | Updated 03/15/2013 06:08 EDT

Young Ryan Gosling Take You On A Tour Of Cornwall, Ontario (VIDEO)

Before Ryan Gosling was your imaginary boyfriend, he was just another Canadian kid growing up in Cornwall, Ont.

Well, a ridiculously charming kid who was also a Mouseketeer.

In the above '90s-overload of a video, little Gosling takes us on a tour of his "hometown," a southern Ontario city is about an hour and a half south of Ottawa, although it's actually one of a few towns Gosling grew up in.

We get to meet his dog, Smidgen, hang out at the annual Cornfest (where one can "go and eat some corn") and shoot some hoops. The best part, however, is a visit to the historic ruins of St. Raphael's church — St. Raffles, in Gosling speak — which the Mickey Mouse Clubster declares to be an excellent spot for a music video.

In short, this video is gold.

H/T Buzzfeed

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