03/17/2013 18:10 EDT | Updated 05/17/2013 05:12 EDT

Charging, biting pit bull shot and killed by Delta police

Delta police say they shot and killed a pit bull that charged two officers and bit one on the hand on Annacis Island late Saturday night.

The Delta Police Department said the two officers were conducting a routine check on the west side of the island, off the 700 block of Chester Road, with the help of a police dog at around 10:50 p.m. PT.

As the officers and dog walked along the shoreline near a lone houseboat, they were suddenly charged by two pit bulls.

One officer fended off one of the attacking dogs with his baton, and it fled. The other dog bit the hand of the second officer, and then began attacking the police dog.

In a written statement, Delta police Const. Lisa Coupar said it was then that the pit bull was shot and killed.

"After several attempts to fend off the attack, the officer was forced to retrieve his firearm and discharge one shot, fatally wounding the pit bull. This ended the attack," she said.

Coupar said the department is not sure whether the pit bulls were running loose, or whether they had been intentionally released on the officers.

Coupar said the owner of the pit bulls and another person then arrived at the scene, and were arrested for allegedly attempting to obstruct the police's investigation.

The two were released and may be charged at a later time, she said.

The officer who fought the dogs with his baton received several minor injuries to both hands. The second officer, who was bitten, was taken to hospital and stitched up. He may also have broken bones in his hand, Coupar said.

The police dog received puncture wounds to the head, ear, and eye area.

Delta police officers were still at the scene Sunday.

The family of a man who lives in the houseboat near the scene say he was being targeted by police.

The man, Gerard, speaking from a window of the houseboat, said he doesn't pay moorage, which makes his home illegal, but that's no reason for police to shoot his dog.