03/18/2013 09:58 EDT | Updated 03/19/2013 07:53 EDT

Violent Chinook Centre Arrest Sparks Investigation (VIDEO)

UPDATE: 6:00 p.m. MST, Tuesday - Chinook Centre says one security guard has been fired and further action will be taken as more details emerge from the investigation.

Calgary police are investigating a YouTube video that shows security guards aggressively arresting a man outside southwest shopping mall, Chinook Centre.

The video shows five security guards using force during the arrest, including punches, while a bystander repeatedly asks them to call the police.

Daniel Doussept, the man being arrested, was taken into custody by police but released, CBC reports. None of the security guards were arrested.

Doussept, who is 31, says he was at the mall to see a movie with a friend and insists he was not fighting back.

Doussept says he did nothing wrong.

"I'm on the ground with five people on me already and then a sixth guy comes up, starts feeding me shots and another guy is driving his elbow or knee or something into the side of my head here and that's when I'm screaming, 'Get your knee off my head,''' said Doussept.

The man who took the video says the guards used excessive force.

"It seemed unfair,'' says Tremaine Lea. "I wanted to catch it on video and if it escalated, wanted to help him out. To me, the amount of force they used was really, really, excessive. They had him pinned. If they wanted to, they certainly had him under control. He certainly wasn't struggling except to react when they hit him. I just felt I had to catch that on video.''

A security guard can be heard saying, "Stop fighting," to which Doussept replies, "I'm trying not to."

Doussept is also heard screaming, "I'm not doing anything," "you smashed my face," and "quit hitting me."

Reaction To Chinook Centre Arrest

Chinook Centre responded to the video on Twitter, saying, "We were deeply troubled by behaviour depicted in the video & are looking into the details & will take disciplinary action as required."

"We want you to know we take this matter very seriously & our priority is to ensure the safety of all patrons, tenants & staff at Chinook," they added.

The video was posted on Saturday and had been viewed over 5,600 times as of Monday evening.

With files from The Canadian Press.