03/18/2013 19:08 EDT | Updated 05/18/2013 05:12 EDT

Montreal general manager Guy Hébert resigns

City manager Guy Hébert resigned Monday afternoon at Mayor Michael Applebaum's request.

His resignation came shortly after publicly denying at a news conference held earlier in the day that he tried to oust Montreal police chief Marc Parent.

“I can’t call members of cabinet and say, ‘Give me the power to fire the police chief,’” Hébert said at the morning’s press conference.

“That’s not how it works. I would have to open a file with sufficient proof that would merit a suspension, demotion or firing. If I currently had a file open on Parent, it would be blank. I have nothing. There is nothing.”

But the press aide to Quebec’s public security minister confirmed this afternoon that Hébert did in fact ask the department for Parent’s head.

The mayor said late this afternoon that Hébert overstepped his bounds in asking to have Parent removed.

Hébert maintained he never specifically asked to have the police chief replaced.

Yves Francoeur, the president of Montreal’s police brotherhood, called for Hébert’s dismissal last Friday after La Presse reported Hébert tried to have Parent fired.

He said he believed the city management was trying to replace Parent with someone who is more supportive of the City’s administration.

The allegations follow recent controversy surrounding the City’s decision to end a pilot project that allowed police officers to work three days a week with extended hours.

Montreal’s director of professional relations, Jean-Yves Hinse, is Hébert’s interim replacement.