03/19/2013 10:17 EDT | Updated 03/20/2013 03:19 EDT

Luna The Polar Bear Cub Plays In The Snow At Buffalo Zoo (VIDEO)

Warning: this video might make you go "squee!"

A little ball of white fluff named Luna got her chance to play in the snow at the Buffalo Zoo. The baby polar bear, born just a few months ago, is too young to be in an outdoor habitat full-time, but old enough now for an outdoors romp with her keepers nearby.

Although the roly-poly cub seems a bit more interested in pats and attention from her humans, we're sure its only a matter of time before her snow-loving polar bear instincts kick in.

You can watch Luna's adorable outdoor debut above. The video lacks audio, so we recommend the below track for optimal viewing.

Yakety Sax - Benny Hill

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Back in 2007, The Buffalo Zoo was under intense scrutiny after the deaths of three polar bears within 16 months, but the zoo is currently raising funds for their Bear Necessities Campaign. They're hoping to raise $18 million dollars to facilitate building a brand new polar bear habitat.

The Buffalo Zoo will need that new habitat to keep little Luna, because she won't be little for long. The zoo's newest star is expected to grow up to a healthy 600 pounds, reports WGRZ.

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