03/19/2013 12:13 EDT | Updated 03/19/2013 12:13 EDT

Spring Cleaning Tips: How To Organize Your Closet


March 20 is the first day of spring, and with that comes the inevitable chore: Spring cleaning your closet.

Figuring out how to organize your closet can be difficult. People form attachments to their clothes whether it's because they were a gift, were bought on a special occasion or just because they make your butt look good.

But inevitably, pit stains form, holes are stretched and wear and tear sets in.

Here are our tips to help you figure out what to keep and what to toss.

Rule 1: If You Bought It More than Two Years Ago, Toss It

With the passing of time, clothes lose some of their original shape, colours dull and sweaters pile. Don't give these to the Salvation Army; these oldies are meant for the trash bin.

Rule 2: Get Rid Of "Trendy" Clothes

Please throw away blazers with big shoulder pads as well as ripped t-shirts. In fact, throw away all clothes that reference the '80s.

Rule 3: You're Not Going To Fit Into Those Jeans Again

Chances are, you've lost or gained some weight in the past few years. If you're keeping clothes that do not fit you, you are waisting valuable storage space. Give them to a charity and stock up on clothes that fit you and, most importantly, make you feel good.

Rule 4: Stock Up On Classics

Tailored trousers, your favourite pair of blue jeans (that fit), blazers and striped tees are all important items of clothing that will never go out of style.

Rule 5: Haven't Worn It In Years? You Never Will.

If you're keeping that favourite shirt that you loved in high school because you think it will come back in style, think again. The likelihood of wearing decades-old clothes is nil. Make room for new clothes that you will wear over and over again.

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