03/20/2013 18:59 EDT | Updated 05/20/2013 05:12 EDT

3rd knife attack on Toronto taxi driver in 1 week

There are renewed calls from taxi drivers and others in the taxi industry for improved safety measures in Toronto cabs.

Yaw Boamah, 57, is recovering in hospital after being knifed and robbed in his taxi on Tuesday night.

At about 11 p.m. he picked up a fare near Jane Street and Wilson Avenue.

In just a few minutes the ride turned into a robbery.

"So I make a left on the laneway, the only thing I see is the guy on my backseat ," recalled Boamah from his hospital room "Then he stab me one and two. Then he told me 'Where's the money?'"

When Boamah struggled out of the cab the rear wheel rolled over his shoulder.

He was robbed of $130. The suspect ran off, but his image was caught on the cab's security camera.

Boamah is the third taxi driver to be assaulted in the past week.

It's bringing back an old idea - taxi shields - to make cabs safer.

Taxi shields have been discussed in Toronto before.

They're used in other cities but the idea always meets opposition.

Drivers, their employers, or taxpayers would have to cover the $900 cost of the shields if city hall mandated them.

Some city councillors say in light of the recent assaults it's time to look at the issue again

"I know there are those who think that shields will discourage tourists, make Toronto look unsafe," said Con. Janet Davis, "and those are arguments we've heard before. But i think if it saves a single life, then it's worth it."

Davis says she'll bring the issue up at City Hall.

Boamah supports the idea. He says if he had one, he'd been sitting in his taxi right now, instead of a hospital

"We're helping the city so the city should help us," he said.

Boamah also said he'll be going back to work as soon as his doctor gives him the okay.