Easter Egg Decorating Ideas, Crafts For Kids (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Easter is just around the corner (for those of you wondering it's on Sunday, March 31, 2013), which means it's time to start decorating Easter eggs and whipping up Easter crafts with the kids.

To help you come up with some unique Easter egg decorating ideas, we'd like to turn your attention to this week's How To video featuring the ultimate DIYer and craft aficienado Martha Stewart. In the short clip above, Stewart and her TV show cohorts show you how to dye Easter eggs while also giving some helpful hints to keep the food-safe dye from splashing on your clothes and tabletops.

And on a quick side note: If you're dyeing an egg discard it after completing your Easter egg hunt -- it's no longer safe to eat, Good Housekeeping's experts say.

Check out some other fun Easter egg decorating ideas below.

Funny Easter Egg Decorating Ideas