03/20/2013 11:34 EDT

Justin Trudeau Plane Note: Liberal Contender Tells Supporter He Can Defeat Harper

Justin Trudeau has three familiar words for those who wonder if he can defeat Stephen Harper: “Just watch me.”

The Liberal leadership front-runner was handed a note from supporter Michael Kydd aboard a Halifax-to-Ottawa flight on Tuesday night.

“Justin, Can you really beat Harper?” Kydd wrote. ”Wishing you all the best.”

A few minutes later, Kydd received the letter back with a scribbled response from the son of Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

“Mike, Just watch me. Justin.”

Kydd posted the note to Twitter on Tuesday night, saying it was a “cool response.”

Trudeau even responded later when journalists wanted confirmation that the note was legitimate.

“Yup, it was me,” Trudeau tweeted. “Late night flight back on Porter from Halifax, escaping the storm.”

The phrase was made famous during the October Crisis of 1970, when members of the Front de libération du Québec abducted a Quebec minister and British diplomat. With tanks and soldiers already on Quebec streets, Pierre Trudeau was asked how far he would go to maintain law and order.

“Well, just watch me,” the prime minister famously said. Three days later, he invoked the War Measures Act.

While Kydd later tweeted that he now has a great story for his kids, others on Twitter suggested the younger Trudeau was riding his father's coattails.

Harper spokesperson Andrew MacDougall even got in on the fun. He tweeted out a picture of his own note, wherein he calls Trudeau's quip "fuddle duddle."

Liberals will pick their new leader by April 14.