03/20/2013 03:12 EDT | Updated 03/20/2013 04:04 EDT

Rihanna Bus Drug Bust: Marijuana Found in Pop Star's Tour Bus at Canada-U.S. Border

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Rihanna's tour bus has been busted. More specifically, someone from Rihanna's touring entourage has been busted for pot possession while on a tour bus.

According to TMZ, Rihanna's 10 tour bus armada was stopped at the Canada-U.S. border when one of the border officials smelled marijuana coming from inside one of them. Rihanna's crew was trying to get to Detroit, M.I. from Windsor, Ont.

The border officials brought in drug sniffing dogs, one of which smelled the weed belonging to one of the passengers. The unidentified passenger was given a civil penalty.

Rihanna was not on any of the buses at the time.