03/20/2013 04:16 EDT

Second Hand Smoke: Creepy Dual-Smoker Ads (PHOTOS)

Ogilvy Ad Agency

You wouldn't give a child a cigarette, right?

A recent ad campaign commissioned by cancer care network Health Care Global Enterprises, is sending a creepy, yet powerful message to those who smoke around children: If you smoke they smoke.

The campaign is the Indian-based organization's latest effort to create awareness on the dangers of cigarette and tobacco use and encourage an overall healthier lifestyle.

The ad series, designed by Indian ad agency Ogilvy, features images of men and a woman exhaling smoke while a child's mouth exhales from within, according to The images also has several taglines including, "Cigarette smoke inflames children's air pathways and leads to asthma attacks. Put out the fire."

Second hand smoke is harmful for everyone, but it is particularly dangerous for babies and small children, according to the Canadian Lung Association.

In Canada, the government has taken a firm approach in prevention campaigns by banning smoking from a number of public places, including restaurants and bars. Provinces have also banned smoking in areas generally associated with minors including rules of staying within nine metres of wading pools, playgrounds, city zoos and farms, notes the CBC.

And slowly this message to 'butt out" is being heard. While people continue to light up, numbers overall have been on the decline, according to the CBC. In addition, death rates from lung, colorectal, breast and prostate cancer have all dropped.

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