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Toronto Fashion Week 2013: How To Live Like A Style Editor

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NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 07: Anna Wintour and Hamish Bowles attend the Creatures of the Wind fall 2013 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Eyebeam on February 7, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images)

Just because you can't make it to fashion week, doesn't mean you can't live the life of a fashion editor.

Who cares if you’re not chasing down fashion shows? Whether you’re spending your day at the office or doing the school run, your first priority as a fashionista is to be prepared for any fashion or style emergency that may come up during your hectic day.

Stay on top of things and get ready to look your best with these tips from our fashion experts.

The Case For Pockets

Look sleek and chic at all times, whether you’re going to a fancy event or heading to the mall.

This doesn’t mean dropping a large fortune on an all-designer wardrobe, but every woman should invest in a few stylish key pieces of clothing or accessories.

Most importantly, you’ll need a stylish, structured tote in which you can comfortably carry around your iPad, your notebook, your gadgets, your makeup and basically your life. The more pockets the better – it makes finding key items easier.

Other must-have wardrobe items include a collection of fabulous accessories to help bring life to any outfit and a favourite pashmina that dress up your look and warm you up when needed. Also, a big pair of Audrey Hepburn-esque sunglasses will make you look glamorous in any outfit.

Don't Be A Slacker

Fashionistas spend countless hours – and quite a few dollars – making sure they look perfect for every big event and you can do the same.

Follow suit and start putting some effort into your look – this means touching up your highlights, waxing your eyebrows regularly and dressing up your hands with a shiny new manicure. Pick up a spare pot of polish so you can touch up your nails in between appointments too.

The Steamer Is Your Friend

Do you spend precious time in the morning frantically agonizing about what you’re going to wear? Use that time to catch up on sleep and put together a few different outfits ahead of time so you’re not scrambling in the morning.

What’s more, make sure you don’t end up looking dishevelled Any good fashionista knows that steaming your clothes is far superior to ironing them so invest in a decent held-held steamer to refresh and de-wrinkle your daily outfit in mere seconds.

Technology Can Save Your Life

You can’t navigate a packed schedule unless you’re prepared. Instead of skipping past your calendar app in favour of Words With Friends, make use of it to plan your time and map our your schedule.

Got a bunch of different events to attend over the weekend? Pin your locations to your map app a few days before so you can access directions with one click from wherever you are.

When you’re adding events to your calendar, make sure to include vital details like directions and schedules so you can stay organized and on time.

Remember Your Feet

When you’re rushing around the city, your neighbourhood or the office in your favourite pair of heels, the first thing that’s going to suffer is your poor feet.

Prepare for the worst by packing a bunch of band aids and a pair of scrunchy flats that you can rely on when the elevation gets to be too much. A pair of comfy insoles in your heels are a good idea too, as long as you can find a way to make them totally incognito.

Your 'In Case Of Emergencies' Plan

When you spend the day rushing around from event to event, it’s hard to not look frazzled so put together an emergency hair and skin kit to help you look your best.

Include items like oil blotting papers, a tinted moisturizer, a small hair brush, a concealer stick, a compress, tweezers, a small can of hairspray and any staple makeup items you can’t be caught without.

Chug, Chug!

When you don’t get a minute to sit or enjoy any downtime, it’s hard to stay healthy and energized throughout the day. Make sure you’re putting your well-being first and preparing for any energy lulls with a few key items.

First off, you need to stay hydrated so bring some vitamin and antioxidant-rich packets of Emergen-C along that you can chug with your water throughout the day. Secondly, make sure you have a snack on hand – busy days mean not knowing when you’ll get a chance to eat, so bring a Lara Bar, some nuts or an apple in your bag for those stomach-growling moments.

Avoid Wardrobe Snafus

Wardrobe malfunctions aren’t just for celebrities – you too could end up with an unfortunate rip, burst or slash on your outfit.

A tiny sewing kit – the kind you find in hotels – can save your clothing in an emergency, but if you’re not the domestic type, a couple of safety pins can be cleverly disguised in case of the emergency.

Another must-have is a quick-dry clear nail polish – it can be used for both your nylons and to touch up your manicure.

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