03/21/2013 04:30 EDT | Updated 03/22/2013 09:40 EDT

Budget Highlights: Federal Budget 2013 In Brief (PHOTOS)

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty delivered his eighth budget Thursday afternoon, a document he described as balancing job growth measures with spending cuts meant to balance the budget by 2015.

Flaherty is banking that all the torque in his will propel the Canadian economy forward in a burst sometime next year.

Here are the key points from today's budget:

Photo gallery Budget Highlights 2013 See Gallery

Other budget elements:

-- A renewed infrastructure fund worth $47 billion over 10 years, again starting in 2014.

-- $241 million over five years linking training programs to First Nations people collecting income assistance.

-- $100 million over two years to support housing construction in Nunavut.

-- Additional tax breaks for adoption-related expenses.

-- Reducing import tariffs on hockey equipment and baby clothes.

-- A proposal to hike fees for processing visa and citizenship applications.

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