03/21/2013 07:14 EDT | Updated 03/22/2013 10:13 EDT

Imagine A World Without Hate: Anti Defamation League's Inspiring 100th Anniversary Video

Dr. Martin Luther King, Anne Frank, Harvey Milk, Daniel Pearl. Men and women whose lives were cut short by racism, genocide, homophobia and hate. What would they have done if they had lived? A new ad from the Anti Defamation League asks this powerful question.

Would they have inspired legislation and fought injustice? Would they have written great works of literature or powerful works of journalism? Would they have made the world a better, more beautiful place? The ad gives us a glimpse of a present where these victims of hate survived and went on to live amazing lives.

Set to John Lennon's "Imagine" (naturally), the ADL's ad is a worthy tribute to the organization's 100 years of work fighting hate and discrimination.

Anti-Defamation League's Centennial

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