03/21/2013 05:02 EDT | Updated 05/21/2013 05:12 EDT

Quebec Helicopter Jailbreak Suspect A Mystery Man

MONTREAL - The people accused of orchestrating this week's stunning jailbreak by helicopter appear to have had yet another surprise up their sleeve.

As it turns out, one of the suspects isn't who he says he is.

Authorities say one of the four people arrested gave them a fake name and, after having checked his fingerprints, they're now working to confirm his real identity.

The man, who identified himself as Yage Beaudoin, is accused of being one of two people who hijacked a helicopter and helped a pair of inmates escape last weekend near Montreal.

He allegedly tried to dupe authorities one more time.

Quebec provincial police say the suspect told them during fingerprinting that the name he'd given them was fake, and that he gave them a second one which they're now in the process of checking.

The dramatic prison escape of Benjamin Hudon-Barbeau and Danny Provencal has already made headlines around the world.

Two accomplices, including the now-unidentified one, allegedly rented a helicopter, pointed a gun at the young pilot, and forced him to land on a tower at St-Jerome prison.

From there, they tossed a rope out the window, and the two inmates came climbing up from the yard and toward dreams of freedom.

However, that freedom was short-lived. All four men were arrested within hours and they now face nearly two-dozen criminal charges — including breaking out of prison, kidnapping, and pointing a gun at someone.

The helicopter pilot was unharmed.

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