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Most Expensive Room Service: Moscow Hotels Lead The Way In Hotel Extra Charges

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Hotel room service is often the forbidden fruit of travel: tempting but dangerous when it comes to the final bill. And where you indulge can matter as much as how much you indulge according to TripAdvisor.

In their 2013 TripIndex, the travel website took a look at the cost of room service in 46 different cities. Their study measured the cost of six goods typically found in a four-star hotel's room service: a club sandwich, a bottle of water, a mini bottle of vodka, peanuts, a can of cola and dry cleaning a single shirt. Costs were averaged among the top 10 hotels on TripAdvisor in each participating city and revealed a nearly 63-dollar difference between the priciest city for hotel room service and the cheapest.

Topping the list for pricey hotel room extras was Moscow, Russia with the equivalent of C$$82.46 for all six items. Hotels in Moscow also averaged the most for a price of peanuts with C$12.35. On the other end of the spectrum was Cape Town in South Africa where hotel guests could take advantage of all six services and expect to pay an average total of C$19.60.

Closer to home, Toronto, Canada averaged a total of C$53.35 to order all six items of room service, placing it as the 12th most expensive city for hotel room service. In The United States, New York City pulled ahead in 9th place with an average of C$56.22. To see how other cities around the world faired, check out the gallery below.

While the thought of paying more than 12 dollars for peanuts may seem well, nuts, that doesn't mean hotel rooms in Moscow are the most expensive in the world. According to's Hotel Price Index, the bi-annual study revealed that Moscow didn't even register in the top 10 most-expensive cities for hotels bookings. That title went to Big Sur, Calif. in the United States where the average daily rate was $ C771 back in 2012, followed by Bora Bora in French Polynesia (an average of $768/ night) and Tremezzo, Italy in third place (an average of $569/ night).

The Most Expensive Cities For Hotel Room Service According To TripAdvisor.

World's Most Expensive Cities For Room Service According To TripAdvisor