03/22/2013 11:36 EDT

Port Moody School Shooting Depicted In Video Game (VIDEO)

A first-person shooter game depicting a B.C. high school has been criticized for being insensitive in the wake of incidents like last year's Sandy Hook elementary shooting.

The game shows a shooter walking around a virtual replica of Port Moody Secondary School using various weaponry to take out enemies in hallways, classrooms and the school rotunda, spattering the walls with blood at times.

It was designed as a map for the popular Counterstrike game series, which allows users to create their own settings, CBC reported.

The game "glamourizes and profits" from human suffering, says blogger Dave Teixeira.

Teixeira named Port Moody Secondary alumni Aarman Rahim as the developer but Rahim later denied this, saying in an online statement that he merely provided photography for another developer and that he "in no way" condones or supports violence in schools.

"Video gaming and developing are popular pastimes for teens," Rahim wrote.

"To suggest that people who play the game will somehow become mass murderers is absurd and irresponsible."

A person claiming to be the actual developer wrote on his own website that the game was "well in motion" by the time the Newtown shootings occurred.

The developer also stated that the developer chose Port Moody Secondary School as a setting because its architecture and design are "rather ideal for the game's tactics," and because it was a familiar setting.

"We certainly don't seek to promote harmful action against any persons," the developer wrote.

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