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'Star Wars' Disney Theme Park: #StarWarsRides That You Would Like To See


For generations, Disney has been synonymous with a certain iconic cartoon mouse. But as the years have passed, the animation studio has expanded its portfolio with names like Marvel, Pixar and most recently added 'Star Wars,' to to their shopping list of pop culture properties.

So far, the only thing that's been confirmed between Disney and its newly acquired LucasArts Studio is a seventh Star Wars movie that sent a great disturbance in the internet after it was first announced. But there are now rumours swirling in the movie and travel industry over a possible 'Star Wars' theme park that could be coming to Disney's California Adventure.

The news broke after park visitors began reporting online surveys asking "whether or not they would look forward to an entire 'Star Wars'-themed land."

Disney hasn't confirmed anything for its newest franchise to come the city of Anaheim, Calif. any time soon but there are plans already in motion to bring what would normally be found a galaxy, far, far away to other cities around the world. For example, Disneyland France is set to get its own 'Star Wars' land in 2015, according to In Japan, Disneyland Tokyo is retro-fitting their Star Tours ride for the original movie to reappear in theatres, reports Mashable. And in Orlando, Fla., DisneyWorld's Hollywood Studios regularly holds Star Wars weekends where fans are encouraged to dress up and break out the lightsabers.

But what's a theme park without some rides, right? The editors at HuffPost Canada did some brainstorming of their own and created a list of Star Wars rides that might just see the light of day if Disney plays its cards right. After all, if someone can build an actual landspeeder, how hard can it be build any of these possible rides?

'Star Wars' Rides That Need To Happen. Slideshow text follows below:

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Instead of "It's A Small World After All"... why not "It's An Ewok's World After All" (You saw this coming, didn't you?)

Instead of "Pirates of the Caribbean"... why not "Smugglers of the Kessel Run"? (Smugglers > pirates. Every. Single. Time.)

Instead of "Magic Carpets of Aladdin"... why not "Magic Death Star Carpet Bomb Run"? (It's got the care-free memories of the original Aladdin ride, but now with 100% more explosions.)

Instead of "Turtle Talk With Crush"... why not "Gungan Jargon With Jar Jar Blinks"? (Yeah, we don't expect this ride to last very long.)

Instead of "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror"... why not "The Tatooine Tower Of Terror"? (Have you seen the infrastructure on Tatooine? It's a miracle they have a free-standing structure at all!)

Instead of "Prince Charming Regal Carousel" ... why not "Princess Leia' Royal Merry-Go-Round"? (How come princesses can't get a carousel?)

Instead of "Stitch's Great Escape!"... why not " Han Solo's Great Escape?" (Watch everybody's favourite smuggler escape from his carbonite prison.)

Instead of the "American Idol Experience"... why not "The Cantina Band Experience"? (Admit it, you only know that one song.)

Instead of the "Frontierland Shootin' Arcade"... why not the "Galactic Empire Shootin' Arcade"? (DIE REBEL SCUM)

Instead of "The Legend Of Captain Jack Sparrow"... why not "The Legend Of Admiral Ackbar"? (IT'S A TRAP!)

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