03/23/2013 03:14 EDT | Updated 03/23/2013 05:30 EDT

Affordable Houses In BC: What $300,000 Will Buy (PHOTOS)


For house hunters looking to purchase in B.C., it doesn't take long to realize you get more bang for your buck the farther you are from Vancouver.

The Huffington Post B.C. used $300,000 as a yardstick to evaluate what options there are across the province for buyers with a similar budget.

On Salt Spring Island, a modest and roomy 868 sq.-ft. mobile home is on the market for $99,000.

If mobile homes on islands aren’t your cup of tea, a 420 sq.-ft. apartment in the Vancouver's West End neighbourhood can be yours for $214,000.

Cheap family houses with large backyards and fences are nearly impossible to come by in the Vancouver without having to beg the bank for a second mortgage, but options do exist for those willing to move away from the city.

In Ladysmith, the hometown of model and human rights activist Pamela Anderson, the owner of a 2,400 sq.-ft. three-bedroom house on 7,200 sq.-ft. is asking $289,800. Just don’t fall behind on your property taxes like a certain blond, bosomy local.

Here’s a list of 10 places you can buy in B.C. for under $300,000:

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